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Rob Walker

9th - 20th October 2019

An exhibition of still life oil paintings on canvas.

Principally a still life artist and as such attempt to portray the infinite beauty and colour not only in every day objects themselves, but also in the interaction between objects, their shadows and the surrounding space as light travels amongst them. With still life Rob has the luxury of determining virtually every aspect of his painting, particularly the lighting. Beginning with the choice of objects, to the placing of those items, to the management of light and all the effects created by light and shadow through colour and value. His aim is to examine and portray, and perhaps heighten the beauty of every day objects.

This exhibition has now finished.
The Rob Walker exhibition was on between 9th - 20th October 2019.

Rob Walker

Meet the Artist

Rob Walker is completely self-taught. He is inspired by the traditional still life painting of the European masters, particularly the Dutch, Robert has followed a more contemporary approach to his own work, creating a more informal approach to the subject.

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