Owain George

Owain George


Owain’s passion for realistic and highly detailed painting started at an early age, being influenced by photorealist artists, fantasy illustrators and comic book artists. Over time he developed and honed his style, experimenting with various techniques and mediums mostly using the figure as subject matter.

After several years away from painting, during which time he travelled in south east Asia and India, he was fortunate enough to visit the Sariska National Park which is home to many different species of wildlife. This chance to observe exotic wildlife in its natural environment sparked a passion that would reignite his love of painting. In the following years, his focus then changed from the human body to wildlife. Influenced by artists such as Alan Hunt, John Banovich and David Smith, he developed the techniques he had learned in earlier years and applied them to painting animals and he resolved to create beautiful representations of the animal world in great detail.

Working predominantly in oil or acrylic paint on either wood panels or fine canvas, his technique involves blocking in areas of colour before working in many layers over the top, starting with the background, gradually increasing the level of detail in each layer.

Recently Owain’s focus has shifted. Driven by the decline in numbers of many different species due to poaching and the destruction of natural habitats, his aim now is not just to create photorealistic wildlife paintings but to create beautiful art whilst exploring our relationship with nature.

“What fascinates me is our impact on the natural world. My recent work seeks to represent the beauty of wildlife, with hints of a darker tone, exploring our relationship with nature. I want paintings to as realistic as possible so the viewer feels like they can almost touch the animals but also be reminded of their precarious position and the dangers the animals face, in particular, man’s encroachment into habitats and the destruction of the natural world, leaving us to question how long we have left until these magnificent creatures disappear forever.”

June 2017 Owain was shortlisted for the 'Wildlife Artist of the Year' award. Run by the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation. The exhibition, now in its 10th year, was held at the Mall Galleries in London.

September 2017 - May 2019 Featured Artist at the Art Centre and Gallery, Bedford

October 2017 Owain was featured in the ‘Sketch for Survival’ exhibition which is run by Explorers Against Extinction at the Royal Geographical Society in London and hosted by Sir Ranulph Fiennes. It featured work by leading wildlife artists and celebrities.

October 2018 Owain’s work was included in ‘Sketch for Survival’ for a second time, being exhibited in London and New York.

July 2019 Owain was part of a group exhibition at the Art Centre and Gallery in Bedford called Four: The Natural World.