Marko Humphrey-Lahti

Marko Humphrey-Lahti


Marko learnt his initial stone carving skills on the Mediterranean island of Gozo, Malta and went on to study sculpting techniques at the University of Hertfordshire, UK. His sculptures are influenced by an innate respect of nature and observed facets of human emotions, moving comfortably between representation and abstraction. Through sculpting, he attempts to develop a visual communication between the onlooker and his sculptures, his works often emitting a spiritual calmness which reflects both his understanding and deep passion for the art of stone carving.

Ancient limestones and alabasters are given new life often sparking feelings of wonderment by the viewer. From the smooth and colourful seed forms he carves in Alabasters to his landscape and hugging couple figures carved in limestone and marble, his sense of abstraction continues to evolve.

Favouring the medium of stone, Marko also produces limited edition sculptures cast in bronze, aluminium, and composite metal and stone resins.

Marko exhibits his sculptures with commercial galleries and in group exhibitions both in the UK and Internationally. He has exhibited with the Royal Society of British Artists and the National Society in London on many occasions. He has also exhibited his sculptures in Germany, Gibraltar, Guernsey, Italy and New York.

Marko was an elected Associate of the National Society from 2003 until 2006 joining past members including L.S. Lowry and Henry Moore. He was made an honorary member of the Fine Art Association of Gibraltar in 2006.

His sculptures were shortlisted for the Royal Academy of Arts in 2008 and were preselected for the Threadneedle Art Prize, London in 2014.

Marko was elected a Member of the Royal Society of Sculptors in 2009 and elected to the Cambridge Drawing Society in 2012.

His sculptures have won accolades in the USA from Saatchi Art in Los Angeles 2015-2018.

He won the Cambridge Medical Communications Purchase Prize in 2012 and awarded the 2016 Brian Mercer Carving Residency in Italy through the Royal Society of Sculptors. Marko was selected to exhibit at the International Art and Culture Biennale, Rome in 2017/18.

His sculptures are widely collected and can be found in both public and private collections in the UK, Europe, Australia, China, Malaysia and the USA.

Artist Statement

“Sculpting for me is a passion, a way of life; a continual journey based on experience and experimentation. I marvel at the history of the stones I carve. Some of the limestones are around 200 million years old, other stones even older. I sketch my sculptural ideas in charcoal for its’ fluidity of expression and select my materials based on their inherent qualities. Most of my sculptures are produced by hand using traditional stone carving tools.

My inspiration to carve is fuelled by an internal drive to experiment with both shape and form. I am enthused by natural forms, landscapes, colour and the myriad facets of human emotions.”


Marko has completed many private sculpture commissions in stone and bronze for clients in the UK, Europe and the USA.
Examples of his public sculptures can be seen in Gadebridge Park, Hemel Hempstead and Papworth Hospital, Cambridge.

Main Selected Exhibitions

Burghley House, Stamford, Lincolnshire, 2003
The National Society, London 2003 - 2006
Delamore Arts, Devon 2006 – 2008
Royal Society of British Artists, Mall Galleries, London 2004 – 2007
33rd International Art Exhibition, Ministry of Culture, Gibraltar 2006
Pierrepoint Gallery, Bridport, Dorset 2004-2012
Gibraltar Fine Art Association, Gibraltar 2006 - 2007
International Art Exhibition, Hamburg, Germany 2007
Agora Gallery, New York, USA 2008
Air Gallery, Mayfair, London 2008
Hatfield House, Hatfield, Herts 2008
Art Parks International Sculpture, Guernsey 2009 - 2010
Woburn Abbey, Bedfordshire 2010 – 2011
Cork Street Open, Mayfair, London 2012
Bedford Street Gallery, Woburn, Beds 2009 – 2014
ArtHaus, Hertford, Herts 2014
Sandonbury Art Festival, Herts 2014
AAF Battersea, London 2014
Chelsea Art Fair, London 2014
Rheebridge Art Exhibition, Cambridgeshire 2011 -2014
Ayot St Lawrence Art Festival, Herts 2010 - 2015
Cambridge Drawing Society, Cambridge 2012 - 2017
Newby Hall Sculpture Exhibition, Yorkshire 2015
Carina Haslam Gallery, Bucks 2015-2017
Stapleford Park, Leicestershire 2016
AAF Battersea, London 2016
Edmunds Gallery, Bury St Edmunds 2016
AAF Hampstead, London 2016
Aldeburgh Gallery, Suffolk 2016
Cambridge Art Fair, Cambridge 2016
Flux, Old Truman Brewery, London 2016
Art in Context, Hertfordshire 2014 -2017
Nude Tin Can Gallery, St Albans, Herts 2017-18
Bils & Rye, North Yorkshire 2017-18
Rome Art Biennale, Domiziano Stadium Museum, Rome 2017-18
Mosaic Gallery, Woburn, Beds 2019

Woburn Mosaic Exhibitions