Eva Humphrey-Lahti

Eva Humphrey-Lahti

paintings and sculpture

Eva grew up surrounded by the glamour of Opera; her father was a professional opera singer and mother a multi-talented textile artist and jewellery designer. Eva showed artistic talent from a very early age; her first surviving ‘artwork’ dates from 18 months of age; the first sentence she put together was to ask for more paper to draw on. She is the third generation of female artists in her family.

Eva received an MA in Architecture and Design from the RoyalCollege of Art in London (1987-1989) after degree studies in Interior Architecture and Furniture Design at the University of Industrial Arts in Helsinki, Finland (1983-1987). Eva also undertook an Open Studies course in Sculpture at the School of Creative Arts at Hatfield University (2012 -13) and a variety of courses at the Royal Academy of Art in London (2014).

In addition to work in a variety of architectural and design projects, Eva has quite a diverse background with parallel career paths in holistic and Traditional Chinese medicine, human anatomy and physiology, as well as in depth studies in human and animal behaviour. She is now a full time practicing professional artist, gradually building her gamut with a distinct and enticing vocabulary.

Eva exhibited recently in a group show ‘Infinite Potentials’ at New York Hall of Science, with work that originates from her collaboration with an experimental hematology research laboratory for Stem Cell Exchanges for WT-MRC Stem Cell Institute, Cambridge in 2017. She was one of only 9 artists outside the US selected for the show, after which the organizers, SciArt added her piece to their own collection in NYC.

Eva’s paintings have been selected for exhibitions in Cork Street, London, preselected for the Columbia Threadneedle Prize 2015 and the New English Art Club 2016.Eva has been commissioned for sculpture and portraits. She also exhibits regionally and her works can be found in private collections around the UK, USA, Belgium, Finland, Spain and Sweden.

Artist Statement

Eva’s many interests and an endless curiosity lead her to create a diverse and versatile body of works, including drawing, painting, prints, bas-reliefs and sculpture. Her work ranges widely from monochromatic to colourful, from figurative to abstract and she often creates a thematic series around a specific genre.Observation of the visual effects of structure, rhythm and character in both the natural and the manmade is part of Eva’s intuitive creative process, which extracts the essence, rather than openly obvious visual images in the self and others.

Eva tends to work on more than one piece at a time, sometimes leaving space for possibilities forming at the back of her mind and in meditation. Eva often works by testing out forms and ideas in models and maquettes and experimenting with new and mixed media in both 2 and 3D. Her regular sketchbook is an important tool to manage the bubbling fountain of ideas, drawing from a deep memory bank of form, structure, images, colour, sentences and sounds.

In addition to architectural forms, the worlds of film, music and fashion are a great inspiration and Eva’s focus is to create art that inspires others to see the beauty around, whether it is simplified in abstraction or movement extrapolated into form; she is delighted by how a static piece, simply with its form can portray a specific mood and feeling, powerfully displaying its energy. Eva likes to create works that make us think, but instead of instilling angst and darkness, guide us to find the humour, balance and light even in the starkest of realities, helping to change things for the better. She feels that her experience in diverse areas of life and the interdisciplinary approach to her work help enrich its quality and depth, enabling her to build and maintain a continuum of coherent esthetic nexus.


2018-19 Infinite Potentials group exhibition, New York Hall of Science, New York, USA
2018 Infinite Potentials group exhibition, ArtCell, Cambridge Stem Cell Institute, Cambridge, UK
2017 Bils and Rye Gallery, North Yorkshire, UK
2017 Stem Cell Exchanges Exhibition, Cambridge, UK
2017 Cambridge Drawing Society Member’s Exhibition
2016 Nude Tin Can Gallery, St, Albans
2016 Flux, Old Truman Brewery, London
2016 Isabel Hospice Exhibition, Essex
2016 Stapleford Park Exhibition, Leicestershire
2015-2018 Art in Context Exhibitions, Hertfordshire
2015 Carina Haslam Gallery Winter Exhibition, Buckinghamshire
2015 Cambridge Drawing Society Member’s Exhibition
2015 Ayot St Lawrence Art Exhibition, Hertfordshire
2015 Cambridge Drawing Society Open
2014 Rheebridge Art Exhibition, Cambridge
2013 Art in the Atrium, Cambridge
2012 Cork Street Open, Mayfair, London
2012 Sculpture Exhibition, Hatfield University, Hertfordshire
2012 Bishop’s Stortford College Exhibition, Essex
2011 Christmas Open Studios, Hertfordshire
2011 Royston Arts Festival, Hertfordshire
2011 Cambridge Open Studios
2010 Art in the Garden Exhibition, Hertfordshire
2010 HVAF Exhibition, St Albans
2009-2014 Hertfordshire Open Studios

Woburn Mosaic Exhibitions


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