Edward Durdey

Edward Durdey


Since leaving the Royal College of Art Painting School MA(RCA) in 1982, Edward Durdey has travelled widely and had ten Individual shows including two in India and one at Milton Keynes Gallery (1989), also numerous group shows including Milton Keynes Gallery, Royal Academy Summer Show and Royal College of Art.

He has worked since 1991 in specialist decoration, as part of a team, for the interior designer John Stefanidis on projects in USA France, Turkey, Greece, Kuwait, and the UK as well as many individual projects locally.

The plaster carved reliefs echo Indian temple carving although being informed by early Greek bas reliefs are carved in builders finishing plaster and waxed. The paintings, discovered in the making are glimpses into the Artists unconscious and bring to mind early icons. They are suffused with jewel like colour and lyrical light, sometimes Influenced by Durdey's work in specialist decoration. Vessels and fruits in abundance, symbols of fecundity, imbued with human presence.


1975-1978 Wimbledon School of Art BA (Hons)
1979-1982 Royal College of Art, painting school MA (RCA)
1983-1985 Travels in India, China, Thailand, Australia, USA
1992-1996 Visiting Lecturer, Bedford College
1992-2019 Specialist Decoration, USA, France,Italy Turkey, Greece, Kuwait,Dubai, UK.

Selected Exhibitions

1983 Christies Inaugural pick of Graduate Art
1983 Royal Academy of Art Summer Show
1984 Hayward Gallery Annual Drawing
1985 Cleveland Drawing Biennale
1986 Benjamin Rhodes Gallery London
1988 Benjamin Rhodes Gallery London
1989 Milton Keynes Gallery
1991 Pundole Gallery Mumbai India
1991 LTG Gallery New Delhi India
1993 Benjamin Rhodes Gallery London
1996 Leicester Royal Infirmary
1998 Summer Show Royal Academy of Art
1996-2002 Silbury Group Milton Keynes
2006 The Print Factory Milton Keynes
2007 The Print Factory Milton Keynes
2008 Caxton Contemporary
2009 Bedford Street Gallery
2009 Caxton Contemporary
2010 Bedford Street Gallery
2012 Creative City Milton Keynes
2012 Suzie Zamit and Edward Durdey Bedford Street Gallery
2013 RCA Secret Royal College of ART
2014 Print Factory Milton Keynes
2015 Move to Manor Farm Studio
2015 Group Show Suttons & Robertsons Bristol
2016 RCA Secret Royal College of Art
2017 Manor Farm Studios
2019 MK Open
2020 MK Calling, MK Gallery

Full biography at www.edwarddurdey.com

Woburn Mosaic Exhibitions


Sold Items by Edward Durdey

EDD019 Edward Durdey Blood Moon
EDD018 Edward Durdey Moon Bridge
SOLD EDD013 Edward Durdey Mont St Michel
EDD009 Edward Durdey St Michaels Mount 2
EDD006 Edward Durdey Blue Interior