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David Lake


David Lake has sketched from an early age. From 1964 he served a five year apprenticeship in Sydney as Lithographic Dot Etcher and Retoucher (soon to be a defunct trade requiring fine brush work, knowledge of tone and colour relationship). In 1984, David initiated a NSW regional newspaper using illustration in preference to photographs. Advertisements were all drawn (having noted in earlier years that advertising agencies’ ‘artists roughs’ were more attractive than the final printed advertisement). David first put brush to canvas in Brisbane in March 2004 and though a little guidance was given by a Bosnian artist Alma Sarac, no formal art tuition has been taken. In the same year, he set out to paint 13 portraits of people engaged in their occupations. In March 2005, David held his first solo exhibition ‘Fine Folk’. The then QLD Minister for Arts, Anna Bligh, took interest in the work and opened the exhibition.

Passionate about painting, when David was first engaged the choice was made to turn his mind entirely to the craft. Within a short period painting became the only source of income.

Though landscape has been the subject in general, the play of light inspires; silence is of primary interest.

‘Light’ is traditionally the subject of choice for the work of artists throughout the ages. Light conveys richness and depth, at its best connecting viewer with artist and nature itself. For David Lake, the making of a picture is a quest to, in part, to amplify that connection. Put simply: the more accurately the mindful vision is reproduced on the canvas, the more successful the work. Colour is a device which helps convey the richness. The all important composition, the arrangement of parts which make up the picture, is deliberately developed to find balance and harmony. The use of architecture and things made, in contrast with the natural, is all about us, appreciated by all who see. Light streams on endlessly, here to be enjoyed. What people like in the pictures comes from within themselves; the work merely acting as a mirror.

2017 October ‘To Silence’, Gallery Pejean, Launceston, Tasmania
2016 April ‘ MORE Paintings Made in Tasmania’, Gallery Pejean, Launceston, Tasmania.
2014 October ‘Paintings Made in Tasmania’, Gallery Pejean, Launceston, Tasmania.
2013 April ‘In Tasmanian Light’, Longford, Tasmania.
2012 April ‘Tasmania 7301’ - Handmark Gallery, Evandale, Tasmania.
2011 ‘Two Views’ - Country Club Tasmania (two artists exhibition)
2010 October - November ‘Games with Stillwater’ - Mill Providore Gallery, Launceston,, Tasmania.
2010 ‘Launceston Landmarks’ - Ut Si Cafe - Perth, Tasmania.
2009 October - November ‘Launceston Landmarks’ - 1842 Launceston, Tasmania.
2005 March - April - ‘Fine Folk’ - Cumquats, West End, Brisbane, Queensland

2015/16/17/18 Group exhibitions Gallery Pejean (Landscapes, Director’s Choice, Winter Show, Still Life,)
2015, 2014 & 2013 - Tattersall’s Landscape Art Prize (entry by Invitation only) - Brisbane
2014, 2013 & 2010 - Glover Prize, Evandale, Tasmania
2014 August ‘Landscapes 2014’, Gallery Pejean, Launceston, Tasmania.
2014 30 x 30 - Gallery Pejean, Launceston, Tasmania.
2013 Showcase - Gallery Pejean, Launceston, Tasmania.
2013 Salon des Refusés (Wynne Prize) S H Ervin Gallery, Sydney
2013 Tasmanian Art Award winners exhibition Eskleigh, Perth, Tasmania
2012 ‘Celebrating the North’ Handmark, Evandale, Tasmania
2012 Bay of Fires Art Prize - Gallery Parnella, St Helens, Tasmania
2012 ‘The Tasmanian Landscape’ Handmark, Hobart, Tasmania
2011 Handmark, Hobart & Evandale, Tasmania
2011 Tasmanian Art Award, Eskleigh Perth, Tasmania
2010 City Mission ‘ArtBeat’ -Rex Heathcote Gallery, Launceston Tasmania
2010 ‘Eat the View’ - Mill Providore Gallery, Launceston, Tasmania
2010 Tasmanian Art Award, Eskleigh Perth, Tasmania
2009 Tasmanian Art Award, Eskleigh Perth, Tasmania
2007 ‘Living Artists Week’ - 1842, Launceston, Tasmania
2007 9” x 5” - paintings on wood panels - 1842, Launceston, Tasmania
2005 ‘Christmas Delights’ - Greenoaks Gallery, Launceston, Tasmania
2005 ‘Art Expo’ Brisbane Exhibition grounds - Brisbane
2004 Bruce Watling Galleries, Brisbane
2004 Work exhibited in Brisbane City Library - Brisbane

2014 - Finalist Glover Prize - Tasmania
2013 - Members’ Choice - Tattersall’s Landscape Art Prize (entry by Invitation only) - Brisbane
2013 - Selected for Salon des Refusés (Wynne Prize), S H Ervin Gallery, Sydney
2013 - Finalist Glover Prize - Tasmania
2012 - Finalist Bay of Fires Art Prize - Tasmania
2011 - Winner Tasmanian Art Awards
2010 - Finalist Glover Prize - Tasmania
2010 - Judges’ Commendation Tasmanian Art Awards

Work published in ‘Craft Arts International’ Issue 78 - 2010 & Issue 94 - 2015
Numerous newspaper reviews in Brisbane and Launceston.
Exposure on television in Tasmania (‘Stateline’ ABC) and Brisbane - ‘This Town Brisbane’.
ABC radio in Tasmania and Queensland.

Woburn Mosaic Exhibitions


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DAL021 Sedis Lane Sequel David Lake
DAL010 Bedroom David Lake